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eMentor logo smallKA3 ICT Multilateral Project

Project No: 511579-LLP-2010-LT-KA3-KA3MP

Successful participation in the fast-changing labour market requires the alignment of employment-related skills and competences. During the last years mentoring provided by employers and/or employees in their roles as mentors is becoming more and more common phenomenon worldwide and has already proved itself as an effective learning process.



logo EQUIL                  EU flag-Erasmus vect POS


Equil is a new two years Erasmus+ project, which will develop learning resources to support the professional development of both new and existing Employment Practitioners, Educators, Employers and people with lived experience of Mental Health Illness. The project will create training packages by creating training modules, through the co-production model where professionals and people with lived experience of mental health illness are equal in training and the design of counselling. The co-production model overcomes the limits of participation and reach the level of co-creation putting the learner’s needs in the centre through sharing experiences, skills and values necessary for the employment advisers to support. It will contribute to addressing the needs of people with mental health illness and support them in gaining strength to change their unemployed status.


Merseyside Expanding Horizons, United Kingdom


MerseyCare NHS Trust, United Kingdom

Accion Laboral, Spain

CESIE, Italy

Mhtconsult Aps, Denmark

Zorgvragersorganisatie GGZ Midden Holla, Netherlands

Full Infortmation on the project and the current project activties can be found by visting the project website:


www.equilcoproduction.eu  - 0151 330 0552

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







    Empathy logo                       EU flag-Erasmus vect POS   

Empathy is an Erasmus+ project, which is financed by European Commission. Merseyside Expanding Horizons  is one of the partners of this project. The Project aims to support parents of children with disabilities through education. Parents of disabled children face many challenges in social and economic life. So families need to effective training and learning resource and programmes  that will provide support to them and can help them  solve the problems they encounter.

Project Partners

-          Necmettin Erbakan University (TR) (Coorrdinator) https://www.konya.edu.tr/

-          Keçiören Municipality (TR) https://www.kecioren.bel.tr

-          Dost Special Education Center (TR) http://www.dostegitim.com

-          Lale Special Education Center (TR) https://www.sincanlaleozelegitim.com

-          Human Profess Közhasznú Nonprofit (HU) http://www.humanprofess.hu/

-          Spolupracou pre lepsiu buducnost - Velky Meder (SK) http://ozbuducnost.sk/

-          Merseyside Expanding Horizons (UK) http://www.expandinghorizons.co.uk/


-          Parents of disabled children are facing many challenges in social and economic life. So families need to effective trainign and learning resources and programmes that will provide support them and can solve the problems they encounter.

-          EMPATHY families of children with disabilities aim to provide psychological support to cope with social and economic problems.


-          Families with disabled children (primary)

-          Therapists, psychologists and rehabilitation counselors (secondary)

-          NGOs working with people with disabilities (secondary)

-          Policy-makers and decision-makers (tertiary)


-          Families with disabled children, psychological, social, and support systems to help them cope with economic problems, enabling them to solve problems raise by the  obstacles that their children face.

-          Families of workers with disabilities and experts to create an Internet-based platform can interact with each other. The main purpose of the children's development to follow these interactions, improve family responsibilities, education, rehabilitation and treatment approaches with their children during the process of change in a positive direction.

-          Families prepare fior the psychosocial support program for improving parental responsibilities and capabilities.

-          It aims for Parents to get support on issues such as;

  • Individual family support programs,
  • Disability types
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Effective communication methods
  • Legal rights of the disabled


  1. Families with disabled children
  2. Therapists, psychologists, rehabilitation counselors and other professionals who work with disabled.

Project can be reached via: http://empathyparent.com/en/index.html 


Erasmus for New Entrepreneurs

erasmus logo ERASMUS FOR YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS (EYE)- VISION (inVestment on socIal coheSION)

The VISION project aims to empower small and medium social enterprises in playing an active role in facing the current economic challenges. The project involves three organizations (CESIE - Italy, Merseyside Expanding Horizons - UK and Euromed Connect Coop. Ltd – Malta), who will support 36 young entrepreneurs, 12 in each country, who are planning to start their own co-operatives, associations, NGOs and no-profit organisations, in experiencing a period abroad to be trained by an experienced organisation.

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