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Web Link CESIE - Centro Studi ed Initiative Europea

CESIE – European Centre of Studies and Initiatives – is a non-governmental European, no-profit, secular and independent organisation established in 2001 by the inspiration of the social, culture and politics work of Danilo Dolci.

Web Link Social Innovation fund

A non-governmental organisation, established in Lithuania in 1994 as a
charity and support foundation


To ensure gender equality and equal opportunities for all
through social innovations and education.

Web Link Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson

The Office of Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson (functions since 1999), which is an independent state institution accountable to the Parliament, is one of the key institutions within the equal opportunities and gender equality machinery. It takes overall responsibility for the supervision and implementation of the Law on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (1998) and Law of Equal Treatment (2005) in Lithuania.

Web Link Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, FIOH, is a research and specialist organization in the field of occupational health and safety.

Web Link Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia

Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia (LBAS) is the biggest non-governmental organisation in Latvia, which protects the interests of professional trade union members and employees on the branch and inter-branch level.

Web Link Team Srl.

Team Srl is a consultancy company based in Genoa (Italy). It has been working for years with companies, small and medium size mainly, private and public organisms, associations, research centres. Its professional services of project management are essentialy innovative, most of the time are pilot projects linked to transnational activity. Through its firm net of professionals, it developed a twenty five-year experience about european policies and financial programmes.

Web Link Romanian Institute for Adult Education (IREA)

The Romanian Institute for Adult Education (IREA) was funded in March 2000 out of the initiative of the West University of Timisoara(UVT), of The Social Romanian Institute Banat – Crisana (ISRBC) and of the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE), also funding members of our institute.

IREA was established as a non-profit institution, as a pedagogic research institute in the field of adult and continuing education, aiming to provide scientific and methodological support for all adult education institutions in Romania and to establish the link between the academics and practitioners in adult learning area. Although as an independent research unit, IREA belongs to the the Department of Education Sciences, Faculty of Sociology and Psychology, West University of Timisoara.

Web Link Nationalt Videncenter for Realkompetence (National Knowledge Centre for Validation of Prior Learning)

We offer a wide range of international educational programmes which qualify students for jobs both in the private and the public sector. As Denmark's largest university college, we wish to be among the best educational institutions in the world.

We are centred around 8 campuses in Denmark. Our multi-professionalism creates the frame for educational activities, continuing education and development of qualifications.

Web Link Aristoteleio Panepistimio Thessalonikis, GR Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest Greek university. The main campus is located in the city center and extends to an area of about 334.000 m2. Total includes 7 schools that are composed of 33 sections, 5 monotmimatikes schools and 4 independent sections. should be noted that many of the facilities of Thessaloniki, whether for educational or administrative units, due to the highly dense building but for operational reasons outside of campus, and some of them outside the boundaries of the city of Thessaloniki and other cities.

Aristotle In currently enrolled approximately 81,500 students, of which 72,140 attend undergraduate courses and 8,360 graduate programs. The Faculty (DEP) is 2,150 persons, namely, 739 professors, 435 associate professors, 634 assistant professors and 342 lecturers. At university work, also, 11 Assistants, 58 Research Fellows, 248 people as the Special Laboratory Teaching Staff (EEDI.P.), of which 69 of the 179 classes I and II of the industry, as well as 15 foreign language teachers 15 people and 4 foreign teachers. Assist in educational work, in addition, 213 members of the Special Technical Laboratory Staff (E.T.E.P.) while working in administration 400 officials and 528 by private law indefinite period (I.D.A.CH.) . Finally, Aristotle 596 employees employed in services rendered by others. (Last updated 10/10/2011)

Web Link German Institute for Adult Education, DE Deutsches Institut fűr Erwachsenenbildung e.V.

The German Institute for Adult Education – Leibniz Centre for Lifelong Learning (DIE) is a central forum in the fields of research and practice of continuing education in Germany. It combines research and practice, provides data and information and produces research and development work.

Web Link European Centre for Education and Training Ltd, BG

The European Centre for Education and Training (ECET) was established in 1993. Its activities include development and implementation of language programmes, vocational courses, IT, computer and management training.

Web Link Forumul Român pentru Refugiaţi şi Migranţi, RO

Mission ARCA - Romanian Forum for Refugees and Migrants is to help fulfill the potential of each person who takes refuge, migrate or be repatriated to Romania and to facilitate their integration into Romanian society.

Web Link IUK

IUK is a limited company without public sponsoring. It is busy in organisational and personnel development (OD / PD), Assessment and Development Centres, Diversity management, consulting, counsellors training, companies training, career development facilitating (CCE/GCDF-certified), sociological research (e.g. teleworking) and intercultural research (Human Resources Management in different European countries).

IUK was founded in 1990. IUK´s customers and clients are companies, trade unions, NGOs, individuals, federal ministry (BMBF) and government departments (ministry for economics and labour in North Rhine-Westphalia, communities). Since 12 years IUK is busy in European national and transnational projects, programmes and initiatives (Telematics, Leonardo, Comett, Adapt, Quatro, Objective 2 & Objective 3 programs).

Web Link Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund (SFS)

With a workforce of around 80 employees, Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund (SFS), University of Dortmund, is one of the large and traditional institutes of labour related research in Germany. A multidisciplinary staff carries out research, consultancy and evaluation projects dealing with current issues of work and labour: Topics are et al. organisational development, work design and hr policy, network economy, gender policy and women studies, education and vocational training, European labour policy, demographic change and globalisation.

SFS has a long European project record stemming from the mid-eighties with more than 80 projects under a great number of programmes like FORCE, LEONARDO, NOW, HORIZON, ADAPT, EQUAL, RESIDER, 5th / 6th Framework Programme and others in the framework of the Social Dialogue, equally with a considerable number of direct study and consulting projects


Web Link VFA

VFA is a consultancy firm highly experienced in issues related to labour market inclusion, vocational education and training and equality issues, having implemented numerous projects in these fields at European, national and local level.

VFA is a founding member of EURONNET WORK AND EDUCATION since 1995. Members of the Network are organisations from fourteen Member States highly experienced on vocational training, labour market, equal opportunities and combating social exclusion.

Web Link South Savo Vocational College (ESEDU)

South Savo Vocational College (ESEDU) is an internationally oriented educational institution located in the province of eastern Finland, in its capital city, Mikkeli. Initial vocational education leads to an initial vocational qualification and it may be provided to both young people and adults. There are altogether approximately 2700 students, of which in adult education 600 students. ESEDU provides also supplementary training, employment training and staff training for enterprises and communities. ESEDU is working in several international and national development projects, ESF-projects on the national level and internationally in Leonardo programme.


Web Link ROC

ROC Midden Nederland is one of the largest colleges for vocational and adult education in the Netherlands with over 26,000 students and 2200 staff. It is situated in province of Utrecht with its main campuses in Utrecht and Amersfoort. The college offers over 400 vocational courses both full-time and apprenticeship at 4 levels in the following sectors: Engineering, Business and Services, Tourism and Hospitality, IT and Multi media, Health Care and Social Care, Arts and Sports and Leisure. Furthermore is offers general (basic) adult education to over 4000 students. The colleges has extensive international experience through placement of students, staff and international development projects in Europe and the rest of the world.

Web Link Vytautas Magnus University (LT)

Continuing 90th anniversary celebrating the traditions of the University of Lithuania, Vytautas Magnus University is the only country offering liberal arts -based education principles. Ten faculty are waiting for you 39 Bachelor's (3 of them - in English), 52 Masters (15 of them - in English), 15 postgraduate programs, integrated law degree and 17 doctoral fields of science.

Web Link ANNANET: Pertti Vihonen Oy (FI)

Pertti Vihonen Oy is a family-owned communications agency established in 1992.
We offer the following services:

  • designing, making and printing of brochures, business cards, magazines etc.
  • advertising texts, newsletters and newspaper advertisements
  • web page designing and implementation
  • coaching
  • interactive training
  • project management
Web Link Volkshochschule Göttingen (DE)



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