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Web Link Merseyside Disability Federation

MDF provides support for voluntary and community groups in Merseyside and the surrounding areas that are of and for disabled people. We are an umbrella group - our main aim is to build the capacity of other voluntary groups. We help you so that you can be more effective in your work of breaking down the barriers faced by disabled people.

Web Link Wirral CVS

WIRRAL CVS is a registered charity supporting more than 500 other local charities and community groups and hundreds of individuals.

Wirral CVS helps community and voluntary organisations to work together and develop a stronger influence over local policies, benefiting everyone.

Our role is to help combat social, physical, educational, health and economic disadvantage, poverty and discrimination, and improve the quality of life for communities, groups and individuals.We provide charities and community groups with information, advice, networking and learning opportunities, support and development services including the resources needed to help with setting up, running and managing a charity or community group.Wirral CVS was established in 1991 to serve the community across the borough of Wirral.

Web Link The Women's Organisation

The Women's Organisation provides a range of services to women who are seeking to;

  • Develop their confidence and sense of well-being
  • Become more actively involved in community life through peer support group circles
  • Identify opportunities for volunteering, education, training, and employment
  • Explore opportunities to start or grow their own business or social enterprise
  • Identify and secure financial support through a loan or a grant to establish their own business or social enterprise
Web Link Independence Initiative

The Independence Initiative works with individuals, agencies and the community to facilitate the long-term rehabilitation of people with a history of drug misuse and also provides support for their families.

Drugs Rehabilitation Partnership, Answering need, assisting change, and avoiding relapse


Web Link TUC

The North West TUC represents nearly one million working people. We campaign to ensure that workers enjoy the best possible conditions at work, are fairly treated and have a voice in society. We support our trade union affiliates in their campaigns, help them to organise in the workplace, give advice and briefings and provide training and educational opportunities for their members.

Foremost we campaign on issues that matter to people at work in our region. We help build strong trade unions to improve the quality of working life. We campaign in the communities of the northwest, working alongside those communities to help address some of the problems that our region faces. We work for decent jobs, an end to racism and for equal opportunities for all. We lobby the key decision makers, both in our region and at national and European level, to make sure that the concerns of working people are heard, understood and more importantly acted upon.

Web Link Neurosupport

Who We Are and What We Do

Neurosupport offers non-medical advice to people with neurological conditions and the families, friends and carers who support them.

Our Vision

Neurosupport's vision is to develop as a leader in the neurological advice and support services in a human and friendly way.

Our Mission

Neurosupport provides support that complements medical provision, to people with a neurological condition, their families and professionals who care for them throughout their journey.



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