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ALCE, new Grundtvig Multilateral Project

ALCE – Appetite for Learning Comes with Eating

16 January 2013 - European Cooperation, News -

ALCE (Appetite for Learning Comes with Eating) is a two years Grundtvig Multilateral project under the LifeLong Learning Programme. It involves five partners: CESIE (Italy), MEH- Merseyside Expanding Horizons (England), VM-Verein Multikulturell (Austria), Elan Interculturell (France) and SIC- Senior Initiative Center (Lithuania).

The target groups ALCE fouses on, are:

native senior women over 60 years old
and young migrant women between 18 and 40 years old
ALCE main objectives are:

breaking social isolation of certain target groups suffering of multiple discrimination
developing the intercultural and intergenerational dialogue between the two target groups.
encouraging adult learning through the recognition and validation of the competences (literacy, civic, entrepreneurial) acquired by the target groups.

The learning phase will be based on exchange of food traditions and natural curative methods, cultural events, learning mobilities, creation of Book gathering traditional recipes and remedies and creation of pedagogical manual on innovative approaches to stimulating inter-generational and intercultural learning.

The 17th to 19th of January was the Kick-off meeting which was held in Palermo to give a concrete start to the project. The partners' coordinators met to start planning together the next steps for the implementation of the activities. At the same time training was held by the trainers from each organisation. They were directly involved in the exchange phase of food traditions and curative methods with the senior native and migrant young women.

For further information Maja Brkusanin, maja.brkusanin@cesie.org

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MEH Wishes Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

MEH would like to wish all our partners, funders and colleagues a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you all in 2013

Happy Holidays!


From everyone at MEH


Please note MEH office will be closed from 24th December and will re open on 2nd January 2013

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Grundtvig In Service Training Course for ETOS Project May 2013

TRAINING THE “OUTSIDERS” New training methodology and skill certification system addressed to disadvantaged people



27 - 31 MAY 2013


Objectives The aims of the project are:

• giving participants a new framework on basic skills training addressed to disadvantaged adults people (e.g. former prisoners, drug addicted people, disabled people, immigrants, etc.)
• to increase participant's knowledge on "on the job" training methodology addressed to adults, with particular focus on basic skills
• to increase participant's knowledge on adults informal, non formal and basic skill certification, according with the EQF (European Qualification Framework)
• Improving and increasing the cooperation between organizations involved in the field of disadvantaged adults education
• Exchanging experiences and good practices among people coming from different EU countries who are working in the same field.



The training methodology will be extremely practical. Participants will receive the necessary theoretical information concerning the training and certification methodologies and then they will be involved in role playing, case studies, discussions and working groups. During the course they will receive in itinere
evaluation questionnaires and teachers will clarify those aspects that might be more difficult or misunderstood. Each participant will have access to the ETOS project (Grundtvig) website where s/he can find further information and documents. At the end of the path each participant will be able in planning and organizing an "on the job" training course addressed to disadvantaged adults and to provide the necessary skill certification tools. The various training modules will incorporate a variety of situations and problems which are likely to be encountered in the real working situations.


Each participant has to read the methodology and skill certification handbooks prior to the beginning of the course. This preparatory document will be sent to each participant before the course starting so that they have sufficient time to prepare them in advance. Before the course starting each participant will receive also a presentation form, to be filled up and sent to the organizer; in this form they have to indicate their professional background and expectations about the course.


At the end of the path participants will plan and organize a training course for disadvantaged adults and provide the necessary skill certification tools. In the last course session a final evaluation questionnaire will be proposed and the evaluation's results will be sent to the agency. After the end of the course teachers will be at student's disposal for on-line help in training courses organization. They will help them in preparing the job descriptions, in delivering the training course and providing the final certification. The on - line help will be guarantee through Skype, drop box, e-mail. A mailing list of participants will be created in order to exchange ideas/experiences and, if possible, to propose new partnerships for future European Projects.


The attendance of course costs 1300 €, wich includes training, accommodation, breakfast and 1 lunch a day.


The following instructions are for your advantage:

1) As soon as possible, and in any case before the 30th of April 2013, you have to submit the form to your National LLP Agency in order to obtain the scholarship grant (please, look for all information, instructions and the application form, through you National LLP Agency; the list of the Agencies and their related websites are available on the web-page http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/national_en.htm)

2) When you receive the answer from you National LLP Agency, please send us an email immediately:

a) If the answer in negative your pre-registration request will be cancelled;

b) If the answer is positive, we will send you the instructions for the payment of the deposit (and later for the settlement) of the registration and accommodation fee. We reserve the right to cancel the IST Course in unlikely event of the number of participants is not reaching the 10 units minimum. If so, we will inform you immediately, so as to allow to use the LLP grant for another European course. Payments After having received a positive answer from your National LLP Agency you should immediately deposit a total amount of 300€ by bank transfer so to be definitely eligible to participate to the course. For this amount of money as well as for the whole fee, you will pay for you will be given a regular receipt. The remaining part of the fee has to be paid by 30th of April 2012 in order to obtain the final registration certificate. Bank transfer costs will be your liability.

To download the IST brochure please click here

Ask for the registration form: erika.grasso@formater.it


For more information about the ETOS project please visit: www.etosproject.eu

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Calling for Participants for ILiC European Training Course

Adult Learning practitioners and staff from across Europe can now apply to attend the ILiC Course!

Course title; Informal Learning in Communities: Skills in informal and non-formal learning methodologies and validation methods

Course Reference No; UK-2013-1910-006

The training course will be a 5 day course delivered in each partner country - UK, Lithuania, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany and Ireland.

Practitioners and staff working in the field of adult education can apply for an In Service Training Grant from their Lifelong Learning Programme National Agency to attend the course in another European country to their home country. The ILiC course will provide participants with practical teaching skills, techniques for validation and skills in the management of non-formal and informal learning and an EU perspective on the validation of non-formal and informal learning related to the ILiC methodologies and project results.

Course Sessions








Deadline for National Agency



Deadline for Registration


20 - 24 May 2013

Liverpool, United Kingdom

16 January 2013

11 January 2013







3 - 7 June 2013

Wuppertal, Germany

16 January 2013

11 January 2013







24 - 28 June 2013

Tipperary Town, Ireland

16 January 2013

11 January 2013







8 - 12 July 2013

Sofia, Bulgaria

16 January 2013

11 January 2013







14 - 18 October 2013

Turin, Italy

30 April 2013

26 April 2013







4 - 8 November 2013

Kaunas, Lithuania

30 April 2013

26 April 2013


Fee and expenses

Course Fee (includes training materials) €750
Allowance for accommodation & all meals €550 – €1035 (costs for accommodation and meals vary depending on the course session you are attending).

Both the course fee, accomodation and travel expenses can be fully covered by Grundtvig grants from the LLP National Agency of your country!

The ILiC training course sessions will take place between May 2013 and November 2013. The first deadline for submitting an application for a training grant to attend the ILiC course within these dates is 16 January 2013! PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR NATIONAL AGENCY AS APPLICATION DEADLINES MAY DIFFER DEPENDING ON THE NATIONAL AGENCY

To download the ILiC IST course brochure please click here

To download the ILiC IST course registration form please click here

For more information about Grundtvig In Service training and how you can apply for a grant to attend one of the 6 sessions please visit the Comenius and Grundtvig Training database here.

Main UK Contact:
Rosina Ndukwe
Merseyside Expanding Horizons
E: rosinandukwe@expandinghorizons.co.uk
T: +44 151 330 0552

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Office move

Merseyside Expanding Horizons is moving office on the 28th November to Old Swan Liverpool, our phone number will stay the same, which is 0151 330 0552.

Due to the disruption of the move we won't be up and running fully until Monday 3rd December, you can contact us on the above number in emergencies, but we would like to take a few days to get everything set up in the new offices and be able to start afresh on the Monday.

Our new address is as follows;

Mill Lane
Old Swan
L13 5TF

Many thanks in advance for your patience during the next week whilst we move to our new offices.

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