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6th Connecting Generations mobility in La Spezia, Italy

Last week we offered the opportunity to 4 British learners to attend the 6th mobility meeting of Connecting Generations project in La Spezia, Italy. 

Our team could enjoy the beautiful Italian landscapes and get involved in activities : visit to La Spezia Province in La Spezia town hall, a ferry trip to visit the little village of Porto Venere, visit to the most important naval museum of Italy, and finally, we participated to a pottery workshop with Italian children. 

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We are seeking tenders for an expert to help in the Development of materials for an Interactive Learning Resource.

This is part of the SENIORPASS project which is a two Year Grundtvig Project which aims to is to facilitate the professional and social development of seniors between 50 and 65 years old in our society and give them the means to find an active role in society and possibly the labour market.

The subcontractor will be an expert in working with Seniors, with a thorough understanding of the specific needs of older people in terms of the recognition of skills and knowledge and the development of training and learning materials for Seniors. They will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • English language skills
  • Experience as a trainer/coach
  • Experience of non-formal learning
  • Experience of the development of active learning methods
  • Experience of methods of recognition of skills and competences

As the concept is new to most of the partners specialist support will be required throughout. Therefore this is quite an intensive role but one integral to the success of the project.  For More Information or a copy of the specification contact Joe Hemington at Expanding Horizons.

Tel : (+44 )  0151 330 0552




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Training course “The outsiders”: calling for participants

“The outsiders” is a Grundtvig in Service Training course providing new training methodology addressed to disadvantaged people and it will be held in Athens from 10th to 14th February 2014. It will involve participants from Greece, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland and Lithuania.

The Benefits for Participants in taking part of the IST Course are:
- learning a new training methodology and skills' evaluation of people who aren't able to follow traditional training pathways, based on a "on the job" training process, entirely done in companies;
- learning a new framework on basic skills training addressed to disadvantaged adults people (e.g. former prisoners, drug addicted people, disabled people, immigrants, etc.)
- to increase own knowledge on "on the job" training methodology addressed to adults, with particular focus on basic skills;
- to increase own knowledge on adults informal, non formal and basic skill certification, according with the EQF (European Qualification Framework);
- improving and increasing the cooperation between organizations involved in the field of disadvantaged adults education;
- exchanging experiences and good practices among people coming from different EU countries who are working in the same field.
The training is addressed to adult education provider, second chance or remedial education, adult education for disabled persons, higher education institution offering outreach courses for adults, organisations working with migrant groups/ethnic minorities, centres for guidance, counselling or accreditation, other sectors of adult education.

The training methodology will be extremely practical. Participants will receive the necessary theoretical information concerning the training and certification methodologies and then they will be involved in role playing, case studies, discussions and working groups. During the course, participants will meet entrepreneurs and employees (people who have already participated to similar pathways) in order to listen and improve their knowledge concerning the placement of disadvantaged people, considering all the point of views.
During the course they will receive “in itinere” evaluation questionnaires and teachers will clarify those aspects that might be more difficult or misunderstood. Each participant will have access to the ETOS project (Grundtvig) website where s/he can find further information and documents. At the end of the path each participant will be able in planning and organizing an "on the job" training course addressed to disadvantaged adults and to provide the necessary skill certification tools.
The various training modules will incorporate a variety of situations and problems which are likely to be encountered in the real working situations.

Each participant has to read the methodology and skill certification handbooks prior to the beginning of the 4 course. This preparatory document will be sent to each participant before the course starting so that they have sufficient time to prepare them in advance.
Before the course starting each participant will receive also a presentation form, to be filled up and sent to the organizer; in this form they have to indicate their professional background and expectations about the course.

At the end of the path participants will plan and organize a training course for disadvantaged adults and provide the necessary skill certification tools. In the last course session a final evaluation questionnaire will be proposed and the evaluation's results will be sent to the agency.
After the end of the course teachers will be at student's disposal for on-line help in training courses organization. They will help them in preparing the job descriptions, in delivering the training course and providing the final certification. The on - line help will be guarantee through Skype, dropbox, e-mail. A mailing list of participants will be created in order to exchange ideas/experiences and possibly to propose new partnerships for future European Projects.

The attendance of course costs 1.300 €.This fee includes: accommodation with breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Course fee including tuition and didactic materials.

1. If you are interested in this course, please contact the coordinator by e – mail (erika.grasso@formater.it) in order to obtain the pre – registration form. You will need this document for your application.
2. As soon as possible, and in any case before the 17th of September 2013, you have to fill and submit the form to your National LLP Agency in order to obtain the scholarship grant (please, look for all information, instructions and the application form, through you National LLP Agency; the list of the Agencies and their related websites are available on the web-page http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-programme/national_en.htm).

For further information and to download the IST brochure please click here

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SMK Campaigner Awards 2013

Are you speaking out and taking action on issues that matter? Or, does this sound like someone you know? Apply or nominate now for an SMK Campaigner Award, which equips people to become more effective campaigners.

It’s free to apply. For more information, or to apply or nominate, please visit: http://www.smk.org.uk/campaigner-awards/

Applications close at 1pm on 10th June 2013.

The SMK Campaigner Awards recognise the outstanding contribution that a new generation of campaigners are making towards achieving social, environmental and economic justice here in the UK and abroad.

Winners of an SMK Campaigner Award will receive a tailored package of support to help them develop effective and successful campaigns.

The award categories are:

Take Action (aged 60+), Environment, Global action, London Social Justice, Shout Out! (aged 14-18), Social and Economic Justice, and Transport.

If you would like to nominate someone for an award or would like to talk to us about the awards programme, please contact Aura on 020 7697 4044 or  .

The Sheila McKechnie Foundation supports individuals, groups and communities to have the skills and confidence to speak up and take effective action on issues that matter to them. http://www.smk.org.uk/

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Date Announced - ALCE Course Starts 21st May 2013


New Initiative Calling for Merseyside Women to Showcase Traditional Recipes from Liverpool and Around the World

MEH are currently looking for women to participate in this all female FREE project!!

ALCE (Appetite for Learning Comes with Eating) is an exciting new European project that will deliver a culinary training programme for women across Merseyside UK, Italy, Austria, France and Lithuania. ALCE project is seeking participants!

The project led by Merseyside Expanding Horizons (MEH) targets local women over 60 years old and young BME women between 18 and 40 years old and will facilitate non formal learning through food to help break down social isolation by encouraging intercultural and intergenerational dialogue within a European community of women.

The majority of training activities will take place over 6 months at the Joseph Lappin Centre, Old Swan Liverpool. The sessions will allow participants to explore and exchange traditional recipes and natural curative remedies from different cultures. There'll also be opportunities for the women to lead local cultural events and share learning with women from the other partner countries during European events. 

A book showcasing recipes and remedies presented by women from each country will be produced in celebration of the project and a training manual on innovative approaches to stimulate inter-generational and intercultural learning will also be developed.

The learning sessions include the following activities:

- Exchange of knowledge on food, culinary traditions and healing methods on the basis of natural   plants
- Learning mobilities (travelling to other cities and countries)
- The organisation of cultural events
- The conception of a book with personal recipes and healing methods connected to food
- Establishing principles for effective intercultural and intergenerational knowledge sharing

Our partners :

-CESIE (Italy)
-Verein Multikulturell (Austria)
-Elan Interculturel (France)
-SIC-­‐ Senior Initiative Center (Lithuania)


For further information: 

Rosina Ndukwe 

Merseyside Expanding Horizons 

Tel: 0151 330 0552 

E-mail:  rosinandukwe@expandinghorizons.co.uk  

Download the project flyer here





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