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One day for Europe, Everyday for children


The EAN project enters the final few months before the inaugural conference of the European Anti-bullying Network in Athens, Greece.

17 major organizations in the field of bullying from 12 EU Member States gathered between January 21-23 in Stuttgart, Germany to attend the last meeting of the project “European Anti-bullying Network” before the establishment of the first European Network against bullying that will be announced in a celebratory event in June 2014 under the auspices of the Greek Presidency of the European Union.
Upon the inauguration of the Network more EU Member States will be represented by the active participation from actors that form part of the everyday struggle against the phenomenon. The aim of the European Anti-bullying Network will be to contribute to the coordination of anti-bullying actions and developing a common strategy against the problem at European level.

During this meeting, participants had the opportunity to discuss the new European good practice guide that incorporates examples of good practices in bullying within member states and at European level and a draft of recommendations aiming at the development of a common European strategy against the phenomenon. As part of this project both these products will be finalized and presented upon EAN completion in June 2014. In addition, an interactive Smart Phone application will be created with the aim to provide online access to good practices, and there will also be a documentary that will be developed in 6 EU languages in order to raise awareness on bullying and provide a scientific analysis of the phenomenon.

As part of the EAN project, a Europe-wide campaign has been launched in an effort to raise awareness of the phenomenon among the European public. Participants were presented with the full campaign pack and discussed communication activities to be undertaken as partners make a concerted effort to galvanise support against bullying across the EU. More specifically, One Day in Europe, every day for children campaign is about calling for one official European Anti-bullying Day as the phenomenon is meeting no borders and requires pan-European attention and coordinated actions.  

This initiative seizes upon the unique momentum created one year ago with the adoption of a Written Declaration by the European Parliament calling on the Commission to support the establishment of a European Anti-bullying Day and Member States to take appropriate measures to protect children.

EAN project campaigns for a distinct European Anti-bullying Day that will contribute to:

•    raising awareness of the problem of bullying among the general public;
•    promoting the need for targeted action and the establishment of a common strategy against bullying at European level;
•    mobilizing the civil society and public authorities active in the field of bullying;
•    bringing together all relevant actors and contributing to the exchange of good practices and development of concrete anti-bullying actions and initiatives;

Across Europe hundreds of thousands of children and young people are experiencing bullying every day. Concerted actions and political influence will transform their everyday lives. Towards reaching this goal “European Anti-bullying Network” project is calling citizens and civil society organizations to visit www.antibullying.eu, sign up to the online petition and show support for our anti-bullying initiative. Partner organizations will meet again in June on the occasion of EAN inaugural conference in Athens where the official establishment of the Network will be announced.

EAN project is funded under the Daphne III Programme of the European Commission. The Greek NGO “The Smile of the Child” is coordinator of the project and works with 16 partner organizations from 12 countries.

For more information about the European Anti Bullying Network project please visit http://www.antibullying.eu



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ALCE project presents a cultural day of cooking, tasting, dancing, entertainment

flyer for the ALCE project cultural event on 23rd Nov

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ALCE project - Cultural day of cooking, tasting, dancing, entertainment

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6th Connecting Generations mobility in La Spezia, Italy

Last week we offered the opportunity to 4 British learners to attend the 6th mobility meeting of Connecting Generations project in La Spezia, Italy. 

Our team could enjoy the beautiful Italian landscapes and get involved in activities : visit to La Spezia Province in La Spezia town hall, a ferry trip to visit the little village of Porto Venere, visit to the most important naval museum of Italy, and finally, we participated to a pottery workshop with Italian children. 

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We are seeking tenders for an expert to help in the Development of materials for an Interactive Learning Resource.

This is part of the SENIORPASS project which is a two Year Grundtvig Project which aims to is to facilitate the professional and social development of seniors between 50 and 65 years old in our society and give them the means to find an active role in society and possibly the labour market.

The subcontractor will be an expert in working with Seniors, with a thorough understanding of the specific needs of older people in terms of the recognition of skills and knowledge and the development of training and learning materials for Seniors. They will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • English language skills
  • Experience as a trainer/coach
  • Experience of non-formal learning
  • Experience of the development of active learning methods
  • Experience of methods of recognition of skills and competences

As the concept is new to most of the partners specialist support will be required throughout. Therefore this is quite an intensive role but one integral to the success of the project.  For More Information or a copy of the specification contact Joe Hemington at Expanding Horizons.

Tel : (+44 )  0151 330 0552




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