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Equil - 1st Newsletter

EQUIL - 1st Newsletter

EQUIL - Equality in Learning, which promotes the inclusion of people with mental health issue in labour market, is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme - Key Action 2 Strategic partnerships for Adult Education. In the two years of project, partners will develop four training modules for practitioners with the aim to increase their skills for supporting people with mental health issue into work.
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INSART 2nd Newsletter

INSART: Art, young people, inclusion

INSART is an innovative project, co-financed with the support of the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Grundtvig Programme, which aims to provide real opportunities for the personal and professional development of disadvantaged young people, including young people with an immigrant background, across five European countries – through an artistic experience. Since January 2014, the five partners of the project (ELAN INTERCULTUREL - co-ordinator - France, LES ATELIERS D'ART CONTEMPORAIN (AAC) - project promoters - Belgium, MERSEYSIDE EXPANDING HORIZONS (MEH) - United Kingdom, BERLINK - Germany and CESIE - Italy) have been managing the project's local and international activities and exploring the expression and artistic creation's potentialities in the labour market inclusion. The project's activities are encouraging the active participation of the young people and promoting their skills' development and self-confidence.

Click here to read the Insart 2nd Newsletter.  

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Come and join us at the Spring Fair at the Joseph Lappin Centre on Sat the 21st May 2016. Stalls and activity for all the family. Free Entry!


Spring fair

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Insart - Art Jeunes Insertion - Final Conference

Insart - Art Jeunes Insertion : In few days young participants from Liverpool will meet other participants from across Europe for the final conference in Berlin. An exibition of artworks cerated by the young people during the Insart workshops in each country will be shown, furthermore, participants will share their insights and will experience other artistic practices: visual arts, theatre, dance, photography. More info: http://www.insart.eu/wp-content/uploads/2nl-insart-EN.html


insart agenda

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Enterprise Hub (EH) is a comprehensive entrepreneurship promotion and business support programme, which will foster the creation of new enterprises from pre start to early stage businesses. Providing assistance to 6360 potential-entrepreneurs and helping create 1272 new business ventures. The Enterprise Hub will reach and provide high quality business brokerage and business support services to a diverse customer profile e.g. graduate, female and BME would be entrepreneurs; resulting in the creation of high value SMEs and social businesses across all sectors and providing a simplified route for customers to access the support when and how they need it.

The Enterprise Hub is a consortium of partner organisations of which Merseyside Expanding Horizons is one.

We are seeking delivery sub–contractors to support the engagement of entrepreneurs to the programme and provide start –up enterprise support services.

The target beneficiary group are people living in Merseyside who face a range of barriers to enterprise e.g. low confidence and self-esteem; unemployment, unstable or temporary employment; low educational qualifications; lone parent status; benefit dependency; ex offender status; lack of access to finance and networks; credit rationing; age; mental health issues or long term illness The complex nature of exclusion and discrimination that excluded groups face requires additional investment to equalise opportunity in starting their own business. We are seeking providers to engage with and develop initial entrepreneurial aspirations with people from the following demographic profiles in Liverpool City Region:

  • BME groups
  • Disabled people
  • Young people / NEET young people     
  • Long term unemployed people
  • Lone parents
  • Women returners to the labour      market
  • Older people
  • People in receipt of benefits
  • People with language, literacy      or numeracy issues
  • Parents and carers
  • People living in deprived wards


We are seeking to procure suitable provider of enterprise engagement services targeting women in the Liverpool City Region and in particular targeting women form disadvantaged communities.

To respond to the tender please complete the following information request


and return it by 5pm on the 8th May 2016 to:

Joe Hemington

Merseyside Expanding Horizons

Mill Lane

Old Swan


L13 5TF


erdf lgo 1            Enterprise Hub Project Logo black


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